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Kathleen in Amherst

Today was one of those moments you read about in books. In books that talk about writers, more specifically. I have been trying for the past two days to lay out a draft for an article I want to write, and I consequently have spent most of the week-end at home. There was nothing much to do anyway, the weather sucked, and now there is nothing but the night, with those specific noises of cars running over huges puddles of water. It’s after the storm, both in terms of weather AND of intellectual turmoil.

I have had too many posts ‘on reserve’ these past days, and I’m experiencing what I think bloggers refer to as blog-lagging.
I met Kathleen during the first real spring days (whenever that was… I lost count) and asked her about her read.

I still have to get better at this game, take time to ask people about the book, make sure I know where they’re from. Maybe engage in a real conversation. I’m still a bit self-conscious about the whole process, so for now you’ll get scattered information, pictures with shadows biting on my readers’ faces, and so on. I like it in a way. This blog enables me to work away from all sorts of pressure, unlike other parts of my work. A word is never final, there’s always room for more stuff, for corrections, for adjustments.

Kathleen was reading Women in the Athenian Agora, by Susan I. Rotroff and Robert D. Lamberton. As I guessed, she was reading it for school, and finding it quite interesting.

Before I go, let me tell you that I’ll be quite busy tomorrow getting ready for my department’s bake off. I am entering the contest with this Lemon & Poppyseed Yogurt Pie (a french variation of cheesecake) that I already baked a few weeks ago, as a test. I have already made the crust, using a new combo of soy flour, whole wheat flour and sugar. We’ll see what happens.. Wish me luck!

Like Kathleen, read:
Woman in the Athenian Agora, Susan I. Rotroff and Robert D. Lamberton, American School of Classical Studies, 2006.
For the incredible recipe for this pie, check La Tartine Gourmande, right here.

  1. Leiloona says: 10 mai 200910 h 44 min

    Mince, le livre m’intéressait, mais il n’est pas traduit. :/
    Bon dimanche !

  2. Vanessa says: 10 mai 200916 h 52 min

    I’d love to be able to just start a conversation with people about their books but the only time I ever dared to do it was in a train and about a book I’d already read. Still, maybe I’ll follow your example and pluck up the courage..Good luck with the contest – that pie looks gorgeous and lemon and poppyseed is such a wonderful combination.

  3. the_young_dude says: 10 mai 200919 h 09 min

    @ Leiloona: les affres de la disponibilité des livres… on connaît! ;-)

    @ Vanessa: thanks! I get nervous every time I decide to ask people to pose for me.. it’s been working so far though. Concerning lemon and poppyseed.. such a classic, I can’t get tired of it.

  4. Gary says: 11 mai 20099 h 54 min

    She’s very organised, she’s got her water, she’s got her roasted soya beans…

  5. the_young_dude says: 12 mai 200920 h 44 min

    @ Gary: I think I’m like that too when it comes to school readings.. having those things around you is sort of reassuring..

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